"Sister Cities Sharing The Same Horizon"

Welcome to the San Diego – Yantai Friendship Society 

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders Welcomes Visiting Yantai Vice-Mayor Song Weining, July 26, 2012

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer welcomes visiting Yantai Executive Vice-Chairwoman of the Yantai People’s Congress Standing Committee, Li Shuqin on November 13, 2015.

San Diego – Yantai Friendship Society (SDYFS) was established on July 15, 1985. SDYFS has worked to bring the peoples of the two cities together by organizing cultural and educational exchanges, facilitating and promoting business as well as strengthening governmental relations through delegation visits to and from Yantai. It is about communication and personal relationships transcending culture and language. SDYFS encourages its members and the San Diego community to experience and explore Chinese arts and culture by hosting San Diego banquets, art events, conferences, and lectures. The San Diego–Yantai Friendship Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) citizens’ organization officially endorsed by the City of San Diego. A volunteer Board of Directors governs SDYFS.  

China Friendship Tour with San Diego Symphony

In 2011, San Diego - Yantai Friendship Society (SDYFS) initiated and facilitated the San Diego Symphony with the “China Friendship Tour”. This vision became a reality in November 2013 when the San Diego Symphony began their tour with sold-out performances to an enthusiastic audience in the Yantai Poly Grand Theatre. A delegation of SDYFS board members toured with the San Diego Symphony and was given a warm reception by their counterparts and government officials in Yantai.  SDYFS board and Symphony members toured many of Yantai’s cultural, tourist and commercial sites, including the Yantai Planning Exhibition Hall.  The historic San Diego Symphony tour in Yantai has elevated the sister city relationship to a whole new level.
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